91st Entry RAF Locking Apprentices


Feedback from Mike Hill ref. The 60th Graduation Celebration Dinner
Held at The Holt Hotel near Bicester.

Having recently returned from the 91st get together near Bicester I thought I'd update all those not fortunate enough to have been able to attend. It turned out to be very successful and enjoyable judging by the feedback I've already received. We returned to the Holt Hotel near Bicester as this proved very good 3 years ago and was central to all those who had expressed an interest in attending.

A number of photographs were taken which are currently in process of collation and will be added to the next note I send - so I will not bore you with a list of attendees until the pics are included. Sadly we had a very last minute withdrawal as Gilly Palmer, Martin's wife, was taken poorly so were unable to attend and we all send good wishes for her early recovery. Similarly to all those others currently incapacitated with ill health who I will not name here, but our thoughts are with you.

We mostly assembled on the Tuesday so the afternoon/evening was something of a meet and greet and the usual initial recounting of memories! Wednesday was a day of local exploration - I understand the Bicester Outlet had some windfall purchases!! Wednesday evening we had our group dinner after which I said a few words thanking those who had managed to attend and passing on many greetings from those unable to - including a card from Marian & Dal Dalrymple which they had sent direct to the hotel.

This was followed by a very funny and entertaining ad lib "performance" by Clive (Bing) Crosby reminiscing about some of our adventures at Locking. This tickled a few memories and was probably quite illuminating for most of the ladies. Needless to say - the mine and associated exploits were very well covered. Thanks to Bing for that!

Having been involved in arranging several of these get-togethers (Reunion sounds too formal) over the past several years, initially in Weston but subsequently in various locations to minimise travel where possible, I have already indicated that this would be the last I would arrange. Now that I'm 80 I need the time to decide just where to invest my additional 25p a week income! But should anyone wish to arrange any future meets I'd be happy to pass on any tips!

Stay Safe

Big thank you to Mike for all his effort in organising these "Get Togethers" for the Entry.

Visit The Gallery to see the photos from the event. Thanks to Taff Brewer fo all the photographs.